Realife provides people with information, advice, guidance, advocacy and social enterprise support to help build a more inclusive society.

Here’s a short film that captures the heart and soul of what we try to do – enjoy!

….and here’s a selection of Realife people, projects and places, past and present, to give you an idea of the kinds¬†of things we get up to!

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‘Realife is an action research development agency, established in 1996 and registered as a charity in 2000. Our original purpose was to work alongside up to 10 local families and to develop a range of initiatives based on their needs and preferences.

Every project undertaken by Realife since 1996 has been a result of requests from local people to set something up that they simply cannot find from their local authority or other voluntary agency. Invariably, this is because there is no available funding at that time and we have to kick start the process by finding voluntary and unpaid hours from amongst our core team of staff and volunteers.

We continue to offer practical support to anyone who shares our overall aims.’

Tony Phillips, Director, Realife Trust

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